The Living and the Dead

How she wished to wake up from this nightmare!


Another year has passed to no avail;

The festival of the dead went on.

The town rejoiced in love; the little one grieved in agony

The world around her was still vacant

Her hopes and dream deserted,

All because of a remorseless fate

Stole the only person she ever could call family.

“Mother! Come back!”

Her sighs, cries unheeded.

The void in her youthful heart never lessened;

Only extended.


Her tears slowly dried out on the cement of the grave

Yearning for love

The little girl kissed the picture, again and

Placed it closely to the white lilies.

Seated before the grave,

She wished in silence

If she, too, were taken away that day.

To the land of the dead, to the world underneath,

Where her mother now dwelt.


As the world above her celebrated the dead,

She was now no longer standing alone today.

While the cheers and chatters grew louder than ever

The noise of fireworks echoed underneath the ground.

As she stood in shock, the dim lights of lanterns hanging in the air

Illuminated the darkness around her.


“No going back now,” she muttered to herself.

Her mother hurrying toward her,

Embraced the little girl

Enveloping her with an ice-cold chilliness.

The bones gripped the girl tight,

But the touch was still as soft and same as ever

And the little one finally felt jovial.

The hails of the town above 6 feet,

Extended through the ground

And resonated in her ears.

As she slowly clung to the fleshless hands that held her

The unknown world around her seemed alright.

Her little heart could tell that

Love was the substance of the life; the living or the dead.



Fiction entry for Grammar Ghoul Press writing challenge last week.

This week’s visual prompt is an award-winning short film by Whoo Kazoo, Dia De Los Muertos.

Word prompt:

Void (adjective):
Completely empty.
(Definition #2)

Visual prompt:



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