The Confusion


The three men, simultaneously, looked at each other and the body lying on the floor. A disarray of feelings depicted on each face and the silence shook them with a fear of the unknown.

“This isn’t her….,” the youngest in the group uttered looking at the dead body of the young woman.

“….You mean…we..? but..the chief said she lived in the 706 suite….,” the man with the hat looked startled just as the other two men present in the dark lit room.

The youngest man spoke again, “I don’t understand. If we didn’t kill the right….,”but before he even finished his words, he felt a sharp metal puncturing his bones and his numb body collapsed onto the wooden floor.

As the other two terrified men turned their heads in bewilderment and complete shock, another two shots were fired in to the air and their bodies crumbled to the ground.


  Five Sentence Fiction for this week’s prompt –  Confusion.


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