Surprise me.

Daily prompt for September, 29th was, The Great Divide:

When reading for fun, do you usually choose fiction or non-fiction? Do you have an idea why you prefer one over the other?


Reading is fun and exciting despite which category a particular reading material belongs to, because ultimately, the taste depends on the piece you’re reading. Biographies are one of my favorite read and so are essays (As a teacher, I get to read essays rather a few times a week.) and memoirs, which means I do read non-fictions, significantly. I also enjoy reading a lot of sci-fi, classics, contemporary books, short stories, poetry and novels. Of course, out of the two, I prefer to read fiction more, but I wouldn’t say I automatically choose fiction or non-fiction, because I don’t. My reading taste or preference depends on the mood and I normally read anything and everything. Some days are for a biography for some inspiration. Some days are for the thrilling of a good sci-fi story. Rainy days are solely for short stories and fine poetry.

However, the reason I like fiction more is because the story, poem or the characters are always new—and most of the time imaginary. I can easily get lost in a good fiction book and the feeling of getting to know new characters, their story, the room they lived in, the school they went to, the girls and boys they fell in love with and their fears or goals makes me fall in love with the story as well as the author. John Green, Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown, Stephen King.., I am talking about you.

Fiction takes you to this imaginary place and you find yourself bewildered, puzzled, awaiting to unravel the next chapters of the story. You question yourself what’s going to happen, if the protagonist would die or the plot would have a different twist or if it would have the end that you’re hoping for—and if you do, it’d a good fiction that’s worth a read. You grit your teeth together and sometimes fist your wall because some fictions are absolutely wonderful that you forget it’s actually an unreal story. (Some fictions can be real stories or be inspired by real life incidents, however) Fictions can take you away from the reality, take you time traveling and give you a chance to experience a period of time in the past or the future which you wouldn’t normally get to experience in the real life. Cool, isn’t it?! So, personally, I enjoy reading fictions more but I wouldn’t say no to a good non-fiction book at all. Reading has no limitations.


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