The Proposal


“He proposed…..,”

I looked at Luke knowing that I didn’t need to say more. Our eyes suddenly met. His eyes. His ice blue eyes. What was I saying..? God. Stop, Heather. What’s wrong with you???!

Luke didn’t speak for a minute and why does it seem like the whole world halts when you’re wishing hard for something promising, something extra-ordinary: a word, a look or even a sign?

“Jason..? Well..,I’m happy for you. You know I am. He’s a lucky guy.” He’s composed and calm as ever. How the hell can he be calm at a time like this? Men are really from mars it seems.

“…aren’t you gonna ask what I said to him, Luke?”

“You don’t have a reason to say no to Jason. He should’ve won the best boyfriend award for the past 2 years you were together.” Luke smiled at me. I know that smile. It’s genuine—and bewildering. His blue eyes shimmered when he smiled and it would light up his entire face and who wouldn’t notice that? I know I never missed it; not a single time. My reason to live and die for and be born again was found in those blue eyes and that smile.

“You didn’t say no, did you?” He questioned. “Heather.., Come on. Don’t do this to yourself. Worst, don’t do this to that man! Jason is a nice guy. He deserves you. You’ve to stop acting like a kid.” Luke interrupted my thoughts.

A kid? Me? God, I hated him sometimes. I hated his guts and how he was always right about things. But, his icy blue eyes… I couldn’t hate them. That’s where I fell in love with this man, this wonderful, tall, handsome man who wasn’t mine. Life isn’t fair.




(To be continued…)

Note – This isn’t a finished story. I just started writing it today and I’m not sure how it will end or how it turn out to be. Guess, I’ll let my imagination take control of that. 🙂


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