The Queen of Desire.



“He’s going to want me so badly that his own mind wouldn’t even listen to his innocent heart…!”

She smiled fiercely and there was something vicious about her.

“..and poor her, she doesn’t even look half as beautiful as me, he probably married her out of pity!”

Her chuckles echoed everywhere. She was the devil; the ruler of the dark. The queen of lust and desire.

But, if you ever saw her, you’d be misled by her innocence. You’d yearn to know her better, but you’d be damned if you ever did! You’d crave her, naturally, in the way you’d crave for a woman, but the longing would leave you losing your sanity.

The devil woman in disguise, picked up her mirror and watched her resemblance on the glass. Under the dim light, her face was glowing and burning with desire for his touch.

“He’s going to regret marrying her!!”

She promised herself. Even in the dark, her bright blue eyes sparkled as ever and her shiny lips were yearning, longing for one thing that she’s been waiting for half of her life. Him. Every day, she would look at herself in the mirror and question herself why he did not want her. The answer was unknown to her, because she was wildly desired by so many men. Yet, she was never wanted by the man who she only sought the attention from. It was almost as saddening and upsetting as her waiting for the married man who knew nothing of her desire. Most of her nights were spent by the mirror in sorrow and despair. Tonight, she wasn’t in despair anymore. The evil in her was provoked and called forth when she saw the man she lusted after with his wife together. She almost died from a broken heart. It was time to do something because she no longer wanted to spend her nights looking at the mirror. Her ultimate wish was to see him burning with desire—like every other man—at the first sight of her.

She put the mirror down. Her eyes fumed with passion, greed and hunger. The wicked woman of lust, took the magic potion of desire and gulped every drop…

A story for Sunday Picture Press


4 thoughts on “The Queen of Desire.

  1. This was great! It reminded me almost like the beginning of an “evil queen” story. I look forward to reading more from you, hope you play along again in future. I’m a little late this week (unexpected trip away for a few days) so this week it will be more like “Monday Picture Press” 🙂


    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! I was away for a few days as well so it’s all good. And I hope to write more using the Sunday Picture Press Prompt! It’s really really helpful because it usually has a visual impact on the mind as well. 🙂 I really love it. 🙂


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