Prized Possession

“Were you out of your goddamn mind, Martha?! That cannon wheels were the only prized possession I had!!!”, George shouted in rage at his foolish wife.

“But… but.. George…the wheels were half broken anyway and…I…..that men said….,” the poor woman stuttered in fear, for she knew her husband’s anger was more explosive than a fire shot from a cannon.

“Stop running round in circles, woman! Tell me which way did that bloody men go?!!”

“He…he..there were four men….they….put the wheel cannon in their big truck and drove off to the South…as I remember..,” she hesitated.

As George took his keys and jumped in his car to go after the men, all of a sudden, Martha came toward him and uttered, “…George,… the other three men were from the police…and–and..they said you couldn’t keep something you stole from a public museum so..I….couldn’t…,” as her husband sat there behind the wheel with his mouth agape, Martha observed his face in shock and astonishment.


  Five Sentence Fiction for this week’s prompt –  Wheels.


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