25 Most Swoon-Wort​hy Quotes from Literature

Some of my favorite quotes!!!! Absolutely love all these!

The Fickle Heartbeat

25 Most Swoon Wort​hy Quotes from Literature

A beautiful feature post by Single Strides.

Our dreams of what romance should feel like all stem from the imagination and reality of the most notable writers. In order for us to fathom such an expectation… the greatest love stories had to be told. The truth of love had to be shared so everyone’s heart would know what possibilities fate holds. Through these words we swoon and we dream. We fall in love with the idea of love and know one day we’ll find it outside of published pages.

So for the loved and the loveless, these are the greatest strands of literature that I find ignite our hope and knowledge of love. For the loved, do not take for granted the truth that lies between these syllables. For the loveless, do not give up on the imminent destiny that follows you. Because if our hearts could speak…


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