99 Days To Go.

It’s the 266 day of this year. So we have 99 more days left till 2015. When I started 2014, I didn’t even think the year would be eventful, but after 266 days, I can say it has been as eventful as any other year if not more. I wasn’t expecting too much at the beginning of the year as I was getting out of a bad relationship and couldn’t see myself passing the phase of wanting to literally shoot myself or getting out of my home and the pajama phase. And here, I am as happy as ever. I guess, I got over all of those phases. Of course, like every other year, I made a few mistakes, accomplished a few things and created long lasting memories, but, overall, 2014 has been okay so far. I’m not too excited about 2015, to be honest; maybe it’s still too early to be even thinking about 2015 in the first place. We have 99 more days to go anyway. And that is actually a significant enough time to turn your life upside down—in a good or bad way. I sure hope if, by any chance, my life turns up side down through the next 99 days to come that it changes for the better.

Anyway, there’s few things I’d like to get done during the next 99 days left of 2014.


  • Find a new coffee shop in the city that I haven’t been to before.
  • Buy an android phone—or a new camera? Or both! 😀
  • Write a letter to someone who I haven’t spoken to in a long time.
  • Taking a trip to some place(s) outside the city. Places I already have in mind: Anuradhapura (Ancient Ruins and sacred temples), Kandy (The hill country, AKA, the coldest city in Sri Lanka that every Sri Lankan wants to live in)
  • Find a way to talk to one of my best friend who I sadly lost the number and lives far away.
  • Write more.
  • Read more.
  • Help more people. Help someone, anyone every day or as frequent as I can.
  • Save more money. I hardly have saved any so far if you wanted to know.
  • Finish my TKT course and get internationally qualified for teaching.


They aren’t in any order. I might even add some more to the list of “to do before the next 99 days end..” But, that’s all I can think of for now.

What things do you want to get done before 2014 ends?



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