Missing Fall

Today’s daily post is, Autumn Leaves:

Changing colors, dropping temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes: do these mainstays of Fall fill your heart with warmth — or with dread?


Fall! Fall! Fall!

There was a time that I’d get all excited about the days of Fall—and the last time was too long ago that now, I don’t remember what it’s like to step outside during the months of Fall.

First of all, I no longer live in the countryside of Nebraska, USA and if I did then it would have made this post much more interesting—than irksome.. We don’t have the four seasons here and it sucks as I absolutely love experiencing each of the seasons : Autumn, Summer, Fall and Winter. I love dealing with the cold snow in the winter and the humidity in the Summer. It was all new to me when I first started getting used to the life in Nebraska. The ever changing weather and the seasons amazed me. Since I was from a tropical country, I rejoiced in the experience of seeing all four seasons in Norfolk. It was both exciting and challenging to adapt to.

I honestly don’t enjoy the usual weather/seasons scenario in Sri Lanka only because it doesn’t consist of a winter ( I am a crazy snow lover!). However, what we have instead is, mainly two monsoon seasons. So it either rains, sunny or both sometimes, but never in a million years it had or would snow in Sri Lanka. Nebraskans used to smile and mock the hell out of me—in a good way—for liking snow so much.

It always feels like Summer over here. You, Western folks might like that. Wouldn’t you? And that is why I hate the weather over here because I love the wintry nights and cold mornings than the hot warm days. We don’t have sweater days unless you’re in Kandy( the central part of the country where it’s much cooler). And I love sweaters! Do you see my problem? I know you might call me crazy but you can understand my liking for colder weather after living in Sri Lanka for many years with a lot of sun. It’s like “Damn, sun..”

So I actually dread most of the months, not just the months of Fall. I hate when the sun is too much as my skin is easily—I mean like readily—irritated and I often end up getting tanned. Nooooooo, Sun! Ugh! My lips get chapped or turn dark (ugh), and I hate the hot weather because it makes me sweat even if I just came out of the shower.

Like, seriously?

“What’s up with the Sun todaaaaa-yyyy?!?!”

So, to wrap it up, I hate the weather except the quite nice windy days (I can live with the bad hair days) regardless of which month it is.

Time to go out and rot in the Colombo sun… Grand, not!







8 thoughts on “Missing Fall

  1. No, I’m with you – autumn is my favourite season. I love the colours and the cosy feeling after you’ve been outside in the cold, warming up again indoors. And all the autumn fruits in the hedgerows. Poor you!


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