The Perks of Verbosity

Today’s daily prompt is, Brevity Pulls:

“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” — Blaise Pascal Where do you fall on the brevity/verbosity spectrum?

Depends. At times, I can be very brief when the need be and when I am aware that my points are well-spoken and understood even with a few words. On the contrary, I can be very expressive in some situations. So I’d say I fall on the middle of the brevity/verbosity spectrum depending on what I am working/dealing with. I love to write and write but I’m not too keen about writing letters because, often, I’m stumped about what to say in the letter. Oh yeah! You should see me once I sit down to write a letter because it’s amusing if someone else is watching. Letters makes me anxious. I never finish writing a letter in one sitting because I often feel like there’s so much to write about so I’d write the letter continuously whenever I have a chance. The outcome is, I ending up with a long-winded letter that’s full of excessive words and my constant ramblings about trivial things. Thank god, I hardly write letters anymore and when I do, I try to be as brief as I can unless I know that the person I’m writing to expect me to go on and on about my ramblings. I would literally start asking how the person is doing and whatnot and you turn another page and BOOM! I’d be talking about my guy best friend’s cat and how he—my friend—has given the cat such a ridiculous name, as silly as, ‘crow’! I mean crow for a cat?! Come on! Oops! , almost sidetracked.. Damn, the crow cat and my friend. (They’re worth a post on my blog though.) Now, back to the prompt. I don’t mind formal writing as I’d then have a much more clear purpose and an idea about what to include and be brief. When it comes to stories or my general writing, I can be quite verbose—in a good kind of way.wordiness On another note, I love this quote because it still holds absolute truth even after so many years. It actually does take more time and effort to write briefly and concisely than be wordy and lengthy, so I completely agree with Blaise Pascal’s quote above. As for the answer to the daily prompt today, I fall on the middle of the brevity/verbosity spectrum. You don’t want to be too lengthy or wordy but sometimes being brief wouldn’t help the situation either. Choose your words accordingly.


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