Today’s daily prompt is, Ready, Set, Done:

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

10 minutes and no particular topic??? Well, writing takes time—at least for me. If I have something in my mind that I want to write about then the process becomes easier and won’t consume more time debating on the topic or theme than actually writing about it. If there’s no set topic or theme then I have to work with my imagination which can be challenging at times—specially, when my mind is all weary after a long day at work which is why I rely on the writing prompt to inspire and give me something particular to write about. Today, they are basically telling me that “Use you damn imagination because we can’t be bothered today!!”

Fine Daily Prompt. So I guess, I’ll just write about how my day went until the timer’s up, because, I’m too lazy to pick a topic or attempt to write a poem today.

I didn’t wake up early today as I didn’t have work in the morning so I got up around 9am. Woohoo! See how lazy I can get? Once I did the usual morning tasks and finished my breakfast, I spent some time studying for my TKT test which is due on Sunday. I was actually spending a lot more time thinking the last time I had to study because it was like almost 2 years ago. It felt funny and weird to study for a test because I’ve been the one who’s handing out the papers for so long. So anyway, after studying, I then got ready for work and took the bus at noon. It wasn’t crowded at all which I was happy about because I hate when the buses are too crowded—actually, I hate being stuck in a crowd anywhere. I did some more studying in the bus because it wasn’t jam packed with loud people chattering everywhere.

When I went to work, it started raining heavily around 3 in the afternoon and I wished I had no work and stayed home so I could hop in my bed and fall asleep to the sound of the rain. One of my absolute favorite things to do… Wishful thinking though, because I was already at work and I had to work until 7.30pm. Errr! By the time I got home, it was nine past something.

It always rains at the least expected times when I’m at work, but rarely when I am at home and waiting for it to rain. So it was a lousy afternoon at work with heavy rain pouring down in the city. I enjoyed it anyway. And well, my timer’s up. Now it’s time to sleep but the sad thing is the rain has also stopped. The rain is just like the train. Never comes when it’s supposed to.

Oh well.

Night fellas!


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