Can You Keep a Secret?

Today’s daily prompt is, Locked and Sealed:

Can you keep a secret? Have you ever — intentionally or not — spilled the beans (when you should’ve stayed quiet)?

SecretsI am pretty good with secrets. But, I legitimately hate when people share their deepest darkest secrets with me because I feel like I’m bound by some kind of curse and obligated to keep the secrets forever till the day I die. Yeah.. But, I also feel acknowledged and grateful when people chose to share their secrets with me because they wouldn’t have shared something so private and personal with me if they didn’t trust me. So I feel bound to keep their trust as long as I am alive—which can be tough at times. But, for me, I am pretty good at keeping secrets. I, myself is a very private person and I don’t really share most of the things with just everybody—and yet, I’m a writer. How surprising? But, yes, I can keep anything to myself until I finally might feel like sharing with someone—and, often I don’t, so the stuff is buried in my heart forever. On another note, I feel safe enough to spill my secrets and inside information on my blog because it is like my private diary/ journal even though all the information is shared freely with the public. Now, that kinda sounds exposed.  In that case, Shhhhh!

If, for some reasons, I chose to share a secret of mine with someone, it simply means one thing. I really really trust that person and ultimately believe that they will keep my secret safe. Just like I am good with my own secrets, I am good with the other people’s private information as well. If they shared something personal and confidential with me, it stays in my heart and never gets out of my mouth. I wouldn’t spill it out unless for their own sake. Because, I know how hard it is to share something personal that means to you so much with another person. So, I‘ve always kept other people’s secrets safe as long as I can remember. Hence, I haven’t spilled any beans which I am quite proud of.



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