Today’s Daily Prompt is, Head Turners:

We often hear strange snippets of conversation as we walk through public spaces. When was the last time you overheard something so interesting, ridiculous, or disturbing you really wanted to know what it was all about?

Hmm. Honestly, I’m never the person to listen to other people’s conversations. Personally, I think it’s impolite and an unacceptable public decorum. If I am talking to someone and I find another person listening to our talk, I’d be very displeased and crossed. But, of course, sometimes, I can’t help it but raise my eye-brows and turn my head around in the public to see the faces of some people because of their silly talk—or, worst, trashy talk. Because, some people are just simply loud in public and don’t care enough to discuss their personal matters in private when they have more privacy. I find it pretty annoying when people choose to speak way louder in public than they need to be. It’s also uncomfortable and awkward for the other people around them as well but these loud people would never get the hint that they need to carry on their conversations privately and quietly with less strangers around them. Come on, people! Go home, take a bubble bath and invite your best friends for tea so you can discuss your personal topics as loudly and openly as you please, but don’t make me listen to your rambling on my way to work!


This other day, I had to travel to the city for some work and I took the bus because it was cheaper than a getting a taxi. Bad idea. The bus was quite crowded with most of the seats being occupied by passengers. There were also a few people who were standing up. I was seated near the back door of the bus and there were two women seated in front of me. The woman who was seated near the window looked around 40 years of age, plump, very well-dressed, and had the loudest voice I’ve ever heard! Therefore, I’ll call her the Bell Woman. The other woman—who I’ll refer to as the Blabby Lady—seated next to the Bell Woman. They seemed as close friends of each other. The Blabby Lady was probably the same age as the Bell Woman, less louder but more blabbier than her friend. The bus was filled with nothing but the noise these two ladies were making with their nonstop blabbering.  What irritated me the most was how these two women were not wise enough for their age to understand the way that they were humiliating themselves in public by discussing all their personal lives in a bus full of strangers unbearably loudly and making other people uncomfortable.

The Bell Woman was going on and on trash-talking about her own husband who apparently had lost his job because of an argument with his boss over a work dispute. The woman blamed her husband over and over again for the loss and swore that she would not let the husband take things lightly. I wanted to tear my ears off and jump out of the window. I wondered why he had married such a woman in the first place. Surely, he was in love. The Blabby Lady agreed to everything her friend was talking about and told her not to spare the irresponsible husband this time. I noticed most of the people in the bus giving looks and turning their heads at the two women’s to hint that they need to stop. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the hint and I had to listen to their annoying chatter for the entire trip until I finally got the sweet release of getting out of the bus at my destination.

I sure hope to never forget my ear phones at home, again!!!


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