Release me, Robot Buddy!

Yesterday’s daily prompt was You, Robot:

Congrats — you’ve been handed a robot whose sole job is to relieve you of one chore, job, or responsibility you particularly hate. What is it?

After reading today’s prompt, I spent the last half an hour trying to come up with the most tedious job that I loathe doing—which I would want someone else to do. Surprisingly, I came up with more than one chore that I’d rather have a robot do than myself. Folding clothes, vacuuming, dusting off, cleaning after everybody who never cleans, driving in traffic… hair_cut_gone_wrongthe list goes on and on but above all, I hate this one chore so much that I’d rather not even write about it. Ironing, I cannot tell you how THRILLED I would be if the scientists made self-ironing clothes or some shit like that so us,—who who don’t like ironing clothes—would not have to show up to work or school in wrinkly clothes. Yeah, don’t even get me started! Warning; rant ahead.

I hate ironing. I hated ironing my school uniforms for 12 years and I was extra relieved when I graduated high school knowing that now, I was free from the monotonous chore of ironing my uniform. I’m not kidding. I still avoid ironing at all costs. Most of my wardrobe is full of clothes that need no ironing. Hell yeah! I never really iron my clothes. Even for formal functions, or meetings, I’d wear something that would not require me to spend an entire evening ironing—or, I just simply would ask my sister to do the job for me. But often, that doesn’t happen either because my sister also hates ironing as much as I do. Also, I hate when someone (nicely) ask me to iron their clothes because I’m the person who’d never say no to anyone. So I’d pretend that I am actually enjoying the ironing job that you just entrusted me with, but, in fact, I’d be thinking of all the responses I could have given to avoid the depressing process of straightening out the fabric in your garment with an iron. I don’t know why I detest ironing so much but the hating is reasonable because I am actually not good at ironing anyway. I feel bad for people who have to iron their clothes on a regular basis. God bless you.

And yes, I am fully aware that I’ll make a bad housewife. That is why I’d gladly let this robot friend do my ironing! I’d throw all my clothes on to the couch and be like, “Here’s a job for you, pal! Unwrinkle these!”

Rant closed.


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