Unravel a Personality – Influential People

From this month, I will have a new blog post feature added to my blog as a part of my enthusiasm for writing articles, and learning people’s stories and their backgrounds. I believe each one of us has a story and something worthy to give to the world. colourfulIn classroom, I always discuss with my students about how other people’s personalities help us mold ourselves into a better person and influence us to become more “unique”. Now, through my writing and this blog—which, was started recently,—I wish to engage myself more in getting to know people and learning about wonderful personalities out there among us. My new blog post feature will allow me to keep a special place on my blog for influential, spiritual, confident, promising people and the inspirations that they could share with us all.

This is how it works. I would interview a person—from random strangers to artists, from people I’ve never met in real life, authors to gym owners, from young dreamers to old, hopeless romantics. Each month or every two weeks—or, as often as I could— I’d feature one person in my article and, share their inspirational stories and about who they are and what they do with my readers. Feedback is always welcomed!

I have already done my first interview with a young individual who possess a great personality and the article will be added to the, Featured Personality section, soon!

If you wish to promote your work, art, career, book, service or share your story with us and the world, write to me dhanu.randi88@gmail.com and I will feature you in my next article,exclusively!

Happy reading and have an easy Monday wherever you are!


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