Flying Kites – The Dream of a Young One

It is the Kite season! If you ever visit Sri Lanka around August, a kid—or, an adult!—gazing at the wide sky and flying a colorful kite with a long roll of string in hand is a regular view regardless of wherever you are.

Colombo Kites Festival 2014
Colombo Kites Festival 2014
I often spend my free time outdoor these days because the weather is nice and warm with a slightly cool breeze, especially in the late afternoons. But, then, instead of focusing on my reading or writing, I easily get distracted with the colorful kites that are flown above my head in the sky and I end up closing my book and counting the kites and watching how they fade into a dot in the corner of the sky. Sometimes, I only see the kite from my garden and not the person who is holding the string, but it doesn’t matter because the beauty of flying a kite depends on how well you handle the adjustment of the wind. Most school kids in Sri Lanka are obsessed with flying kites and most of us who are lame and don’t know how to make one, obsessed with watching other people flying their kites.
"Teach me how to fly a kite, daddy"
“Teach me how to fly a kite, daddy” (Flickr)
I love observing the sight of kites floating all over the sky filling the blue atmosphere with a sudden attack of lovely colors. As much as I enjoy watching birds fly or planes take off, I love watching kids flying kites twice as much. The sky becomes their playground and the kids hold the string so dearly in their hands determined not to let go—just like some of us would never let go of certain people or memories. There’s something sensational about flying and dreaming. And, when you are flying a kite, you’re both flying and dreaming in your own world which is why when the string to your kite is broken or loosen in a flash and gone out of your hands in the strong winds, you are as devastated as a robbed man.


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