Daily Prompt – Edge of the Frame

Daily Prompt today is Edge of the Frame:

“We often capture strangers in photos we take in public. Open your photo library, and stop at the first picture that features a person you don’t know. Now tell the story of that person.”

Random Stranger

The first folder on my photo library is from the trip that I went to the Aquarium and park in Colombo with my family last May. The park is called Diyawanna Oya Park which features a nice trail for walking, jogging beside the peaceful view of Diyawanna Lake.

The first two pictures on the folder are of me and my sister sitting on a bench in the park—which I am absolutely unfocused and looking away—and there are no strangers photo bombing any of the pictures. However, on the third picture that I took of my sister standing on the 3D painting on the ground, raising her hands in the air, there is this stranger walking towards my sister, on the sidewalk carrying his little daughter about 6 months old. I don’t see the rest of his family—wife or any other children—in the photo. But, I’m sure they must have been probably walking ahead of him. I remember nothing about this man and if it wasn’t for today’s writing prompt, I wouldn’t have even noticed this picture thoroughly. I don’t even really remember taking this picture, to be honest. (I have short term memory loss okay?) From what I see on the photo, the man looks like he in his early thirties. He is of medium height—about 5’8’’ish, black short hair and strong built with broad shoulders. He looks very pleasant. His indigo color cargo short looks slightly worn out though and I can’t read what’s on his T shirt as his little daughter is covering half of his left side. But, I can read the three letters on his right side which read ‘key’. Maybe his T shirt says Smokey—or, low key. I don’t know!

Anyway, he is gripping on to a water bottle with his fingers on one hand as he is carrying his little daughter on the other hand. I wonder if he is a single dad. What an adventure that would be? His daughter’s face is invisible in the photo as she is facing the other way, but I bet she looks beautiful. I would like to give her a name; Summer because if I ever have a daughter, I always wanted to name her Summer. The way he’s holding his little daughter as if she’s the most precious thing on the earth tells me that this man has a good sense of responsibility and tenderness. I have seen a lot of fathers holding their babies, carrying their young ones in and around the parks and it is a scene that never gets as noticed as much as it should. I, myself am guilty in this case, because I hardly notice men who actually go out of their way to help their wives and let them take off the ‘mommy role’ for a few seconds and help them have a good time when they are out in the public. But, I believe that these men who carry their daughters on their shoulders know the struggle of raising one.

The man in the photo seem tired, yet content and unobservant to the world—and, hundreds of other people that’s moving past him. I can clearly see one thing written on this stranger dad’s face; he is going to be there for this daughter until the very end. I hope he never get tired of carrying the weight of the hardest responsibly—and job—in the world which is being a father and raising a daughter in today’s society. Randomly noticed stranger in my photo, hats off to you, sir!


One thought on “Daily Prompt – Edge of the Frame

  1. For me, the moments of carrying my daughter in my arms to do sightseeing will always be the most precious memory. Kids eyes dart about with so much curiosity and that’s the cutest part about them. Thank you for sharing your story leading me to reminisce 🙂


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