That night lying on the wooden floor
while rain poured on the window pane
Our shadowy bodies
Touched, collided and nestled against
the coldness of the ground.
For once, my roving mind was still and
every touch of you
kissed my troubling soul.
Tracing every inch of your face and listening to your pulse
That night, I believed
I’d finally found the place I was looking for so long and
claimed your arms as my home.
Days later, on another rainy day,
Lying in your bed,
I sobbed looking out the same window and
pictured you with her in my mind when you stammered,
“There’s this girl and—I—I kinda love her,”
My heart sank.
I felt coldness—even in your embrace—gripping tightly onto my skin
and puncturing every bone and crushing them.
I placed my hand on yours and said, “—go get her”
then walked in the rain alone
And the truth is,
I’ve been homeless ever since.


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