Rain, rain, come again!


Around noon, the prefect clear blue sky in Colombo was transformed into a washed out gray canvas in minutes today. Then, the city was hustled by the frequent drizzling showers. To most of the Sri Lankans who never get the chance to experience snow in their lifetime, rain is the worst nightmare that could happen. No volcanoes, no snow, no tornadoes (no fun!) and hence why the rain is considered the next terrible thing by thousands of Sri Lankans. Therefore, when it started raining today, the energetic Monday mood of the whole city was suddenly changed into absolute laziness. Although, it’s reasonable to consider it a bad day when too much rain causes flooding, people rarely acknowledge the fact that the rain is still what balances the whole existence of the earth. I can never fathom why some people would dislike rain so much. It is one of the most beautiful spectacle of nature’s pride which always had me in awe.

Although, some people find the racket of rain drops hitting on windows oddly unsettling, I find it peaceful. On heavy rainy nights, the noise of the rain drops falling on the roof soothes me and puts me to sleep; those are my favorite nights. In the morning, I love to watch how the gigantic trees and the green leaves are drenched with dew as the moisture of the rain the previous night fills my lungs with fresh air. People who don’t enjoy rain, probably never inhaled the scent of the rain, “petrichor”, falling on dry earth and haven’t witnessed the beautiful rhythmic flow of water in rivers or creeks in pouring rain. I could, somehow, watch it for hours. As much as I get tired of things easily, I never get bored of watching the downpour of rain outside my window. Whenever it rains, I would run to the nearest window or an open space to take a look at the rain. If I am at home, I’d pour myself a cup of coffee and enjoy watching the rain. I always find myself getting lost in the beautiful setting of the rain. This wonderful, weird feeling of being lost in the rain is only known to the lovers of the rain. It’s sensational. Today has been one of those lovely days for me.


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