Seduce me. Not just with your touch but with every atom of your whole being: from your head to toe, from your thoughts to the way you call my name and the way you look at me. Make me break these rules, limitations that I’ve set for myself. Make your presence and touch be both my weakness and strength; to have me powerless and melting in a blink of an eye. Make me want you in a way that I never wanted anybody else. Be the rare kind because that’s what I seek. I find it hard to settle for the norm or the convenient. I’m not sorry that I just won’t settle for anything less than what my heart and soul desire. What I desire is beyond the depth of imagination; it’s madness. Love is out there and I have stumbled upon it so many times. People can fake an “I love you’ nowadays. The fire eventually runs out. I seek mutual closeness, affection, compassion; a never ending togetherness of when our minds either perfectly fit or collide together but still I’d feel so riveted to you nonetheless. You would be waking me up at 2am telling me to make you a hot cup of coffee because you can’t sleep and I would give you a frown that’s intense enough to burn you into ashes yet in seconds I’d be making you that damn coffee the best way I can exactly the way you want and stay up the rest of the night with you watching some dumb random movie on the T.V. because your love will have me so easily enlivened in each moment that even the most boring, commonplace thing would still be fun, remembered and not be simply replaceable by someone else. That is love. That is what I seek; something unmatched, something that I just don’t feel for every body else around me but you. I don’t want to wake up one day and come to realize that life is the same routine like it was and at the end of the day that I’ve just settled for convenience with just some person when I could have waited for a soul that’d be able to captivate not just my body but every ounce of my existence as well. So if and when you want me, seduce me with your ways, your charm and make me tell you I want you. Because then, you know when I finally tell you “I want you”, that there’s no going back; I’m already yours for as long as the sun rises and burns on this earth.


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